Our consultation entails listening to your story, asking you questions to bring out the uniqueness in you that you may not consider relevant; and searching for scholarships that we believe you qualify for.

If you are unsure of which package applies to you, please reach out to us at 919.696.3978.

Package 1: (Grades 9-12)


Consultation with client’s parents or guardian, mentoring, meeting with school counselor and teachers (as needed) to ensure client is on course; guiding client toward having a compelling profile; research scholarships applicable to client, help review client’s essays and/or statements of purpose for competitiveness based on their profile.

Cost: US $300 consultation fee



Package 2: (College Students and Others)

Consultation Only

Multiple scholarships are carefully researched and provided to each client for as long as they are enrolled in school; guidance is given regarding when and how to apply for the scholarships. Client is contacted to check on the status of applications.

Cost: US $300


Package 3: (College  Students and Others)

Consultation and Help with Essay Review

Clients’ essays are reviewed to ensure that they capture the requirements per instructions. Essays and/or statements of purpose are also reviewed by other SP consultants before returning to client for submission. ¬†Clients are contacted to check on the status of submissions.

Cost: US $300 consultation fee plus $50 for up to 3 essays, and $20 for each additional essay.