Who do you help find scholarships?

We help anyone who lives in the US and wants to go to school but needs funding. This may be an associate, certificate, bachelors, masters or PhD program.

Do you help foreign nationals who wish to come to study in the US?

No. We only help bonafide international students who are already in the US.

Do you award scholarships?

No. We help you look for all scholarships that you qualify for.

What do I get from consulting with you?

We will help you find multiple scholarships that you qualify for; and expose you to a lot of other relevant factors that will potentially put you at an advantage over many other candidates.

How long is the consultation and what information do you get from your clients?

1. It is a meeting that lasts about an hour or longer. It may be in-person or via a tele or video conference.

2. We tell you the details of what we will do for you regarding scholarships

3. We ask you and your parent (for minors) a lot of questions to bring out the qualities in you that you may not think are important, but which will qualify you for additional scholarships. We also answer your questions.

4. We advise you based on the information you provide.

When do I get the scholarship links to apply to?

After the consultation, we send you scholarships that you qualify for as they open their applications (we keep sending the scholarships until the deadlines pass). So you will get the chance to apply for several scholarships.

How many scholarships do you send to each client? 

It varies and depends on a client’s chosen field. Some academic majors have more scholarships than others, but we typically send 7 to 15 scholarships to each client.

What makes you different from others? 

We know that everyone has a unique story, so we listen to all our clients have to say about their experiences and educational aspirations. We then find scholarships that are tailored to their holistic profiles. We also follow up with them to know their progress and to ensure that we answer their questions, if they have any.

We do scholarship counseling that encourages our clients to avoid taking school loans as much as possible. Our clients will let us know which schools they wish to attend, and we will help them find scholarships for their chosen academic programs.

You are assured of customized service rather than a one size fits all model. We know that everyone is different.

Do you help search for full ride scholarships?

Yes. A full ride scholarship means that all tuition and fees are paid, and the student does not have to work to pay any fees at school. It is not necessarily 1 scholarship. We help our clients look for multiple scholarships, so it is not uncommon to have someone to receive 7 or more scholarships that will cover all his school expenses.

Why can’t you guarantee that every client will get a scholarship?

We do not have a scholarship fund and are not part of any scholarship committee. Only those can guarantee that one will get a scholarship. What we do have is the advantage of knowing how to put together a strong essay so as make our clients very competitive.

If my family is wealthy, can I still qualify for scholarships?

Absolutely. Most of the scholarships we see do not exclude anyone based on income. If you have what the scholarships require, you are qualified.

Do you help your clients write essays?

No. We help our clients proofread and edit their essays as an optional service. If a client chooses to take advantage of our 16 years’ expertise in this regard, we will be happy to help

Do I have to be a resident of Texas in order to benefit from your services?

No. We help students from all 50 states. We do our consultations in person and via teleconferencing.